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Portable Gaming Screen Size Booster

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Orion by Up-Switch


Orion by Up-Switch fully integrated Nintendo Switch Portable HD 11.6 inch IPS Monitor, with USB Type-C and HDMI In for PS5, XBOX, Laptop, SmartPhone, Built in Speakers

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Oled, XBOX, PS5, PS4, Smart Phone, LapTop

90 Days


  • Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED
  • Type C Cable
  • Power Bank
  • Nintendo Power Adapter

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Never miss a detail! The Switch®’s standard screen size is just too small to enjoy every stunning detail of your favorite Nintendo® games. With ORION you’ll see every detail in its full glory.

MAKE ANY GAME MOBILE! ORION can also act as a portable monitor for any gaming system with an HDMI connection. Connect any Xbox, PlayStation or other gaming console or PC directly to ORION and start gaming anywhere you can plug that console in! Boost Your Smart Phone, can even watch a movie on your screen from your smart phone.

Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch, more than 80 million gamers globally have made gaming on the go a huge part of their daily ritual That’s why the team at Up-Switch created the all-new ORION for gamers craving a larger and more immersive gaming experience without giving up portability. : Nintendo fan base has been asking for a switch with a larger screen and felt that product would be here by now. The demand for better visual detail in many games has been an issue and a demand for years. By increasing your actual gaming screen size by 188% and upgrading your audio experience with the integrated stereo speakers, your Nintendo Switch combined with ORION will deliver the globally requested experience gamers have wanted.

It’s time to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games without compromise!

Never run out of battery while you game again! While your Nintendo Switch is docked to ORION, it will continue to charge even while playing when your ORION is plugged in with its USB-C based charging. That’s right, you can extend the battery life of your Nintendo Switch while ORION gets powered via our portable battery connection or tethered to ORION with your Switch Type C power adapter. ORION is also compatible with most Type C Power Banks that meet power delivery requirements demonstrated by Nintendo licensed 3rd party power banks on the market. ORION truly is the perfect Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED companion. Bigger screen, amazing speakers, better Ergo Grips and designed to hold almost any brand of USB-C battery pack!

Nintendo Switch Integrated HD IPS 11.6 Monitor, HDMI Port, USBC Port, Headphone Jack, Joy Con Slots, Dual Stereo SpeakersYou can plug any gaming console or even your smartphone into ORION to play it on ORION’s epic 11.6” screen. Make any gaming system portable with ORION!

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 15.8 × 1.6 × 7.1 in



1.6 inches


7.1 inches


15.8 inches


1.5 lbs


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