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Portable Gaming Screen Size Booster

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Does ORION work with the OLED Switch?

Yes… ORIONs Dock Bay is engineered for the original Switch and the new OLED Switch

What are the power requirements of ORION?

Refer to Product Info and the User Manual for full details – Type C Plug, DC input : 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V.

Will ORION overheat my Switch or OLED Switch?

ORION has carefully engineered our air intakes and outputs vents strategically so that both the original Switch as well as the all new OLED switch have more than ample air flow. As well, our electronics heat dissipation architecture is separate from Switch Air Flow architecture. The back of ORION has on the right side a kick stand for table top play but on the left side where the certifications are listed is the Electronics airflow vent. ORION by comparison is more capable of protecting your Switch and OLED Switch from over heating than most other dock options.

Is ORION your only product?

Currently ORION is our only monitor, however we have some accessories as well.  

Is ORION compatible with anything that has an HDMI?

ORION functions like any TV/Monitor and supports all HDMI devices such as gaming consoles, Andriod/IOS devices for gaming and content consumption

Is ORION compatible with all Nintendo Switches?

ORION is compatible with the Original Switch and OLED Switch. NOTE: it is not compatible with Switch Lite

Can I still use my PRO controller?


Is there a built-in battery?

No ORION required the Nintendo Power Cable or a compatible Power Bank

How is ORION powered?

a. ORION is powered by plugging into almost any power bank that has an output of 5V/2A (that can be mounted on the back) using any USB-C cable or it can be powered by plugging into a wall mount USB-C phone charger.

b. It also is compatible with the Nintendo Power Adapter. NOTE: USB TYPE C CABLE NOT INCLUDED

Are the Ergo Grips removable?

Yes – To Accommodate a smaller foot print for users that may be transporting ORION as a screen for XBOX/PlayStation or content consumption option

Is ORION a touch screen?


I'm getting a ``NO SIGNAL`` error message

Test your ORION with your original Nintendo Switch Power Adapter that came with the Nintendo dock. If you successfully power ORION on, the power bank you are using may not meet the minimum power requirements for output power of 5V/2A. If your problem still persists, call Customer Support at 877-ORION-99 (877-674-6699)

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